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Dancer was a rescue who came to Linden Farm in 2021 from Days End Rescue. He is a gray Quarter Horse gelding and was 19 when he came to us. Although in good physical health, we soon discovered that he had uveitis, damage to his eyes making them very painful in bright light. The Rescue organization claimed to have no knowledge of this problem which means that it had gone untreated for a long time. He gets eye ointment daily now and wears a UV protected fly mask. He is now able to keep his eyes fully opened and although he does not see well, he is able to move around safely and keep his rider safe.


Dancer had the unimaginative name “Buddy,” but his lovely quick movement at the trot presented us with the idea of Dancer, and Moonlight from the color of his coat.


Dancer does not seem to have had an owner to love him, hug him or give him pats or treats for many years. He is blossoming under the care and affection of our young riders. This is the second year he has performed as a show horse, and he has proven to be a real trouper.


After presenting with symptoms of colic on the last day of the Free Rein show season, he was treated with Banamine and walked and walked and walked by his young rider Molly Grenoble. As the morning progressed, he got better and began eating grass. He was no longer sweating and was cool to the touch. We kept him in his four pleasure classes and brave little horse that he is, he pinned in every class giving Molly a great ride and a great end to the show season.


We are so grateful we found this lovely little horse.

Bio created in 2023

Moonlight Dancer

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