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2023-06-24 18.58.54-1.jpg

2023 Equestrian Team


Mounted Wanderers 2022

We participated in the final Mounted Wanderers show series.  This was the first time any of these riders had been to an outside show.  They all did great.

2023-01-28 20.33.05.jpg

Mounted Wanderers 2022 Awards Ceremony

For the riders shown below, this was the first time any of them         have competed.  We are very proud of the entire team.

2023-05-20 09.56.54.jpg

Linden Farm In-House Show May 2023

Linden Farm has many in-house shows.  This show took place in our outdoor ring.

Free Rein Horse Show Series

This is the first time Linden Farm has participated in the Free Rein Show Series.  

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