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The name Pegaso is Spanish for Pegasus. Pegaso was born here at Linden Farm in April 2006. His Dam was “Heart of Darkness,” an OTTB mare who had raced in Maryland and was retired as a lesson horse at Linden Farm. Since Heart of Darkness is a reference to the devil, and the mare was a lovely and kind lesson horse, she was renamed “Angel Wings.” She worked as a lesson horse here at Linden until her death. For the last few years of her life she was owned by Pat Tetrault and Pat and Angel won many blue ribbons here in our In-House Dressage and Hunter shows. Angel Wings is buried here on the farm.

His name Pegaso came from Manuel Gomez, a farm hand who was bringing Angel Wings down from the pasture to the barn for the night. She laid down and went into labor, and Manuel was gripping that lead line as though she was going to leap up and run away all the time screaming at the top of his lungs, “Help! Help! Baby come!” As a reward for his care of the horse and his shock, he was asked to name the foal and we suspect Pegasus was the only horse’s name he knew!

Pegaso is an Anglo-Arab since his mother is an American Thoroughbred and his sire is Casanova, a pure-bred Arabian Horse. Pegaso is a lovely Chestnut gelding who has proven to be one of the smartest horses in the barn. Miss Karen trained him to saddle when he was four and he has been ridden in and won ribbons in any number of Dressage shows here at Linden. In 2019 he was sold to Amanda Miller with the understanding that he would never leave Linden Farm as his home. With Amanda astride, Pegaso has been to several fox hunting venues, any number of off-site Trail Rides and competed in at least two Hunter Pace competitions.

At 17 he still has many years ahead of him and is teaching a lot of young riders how to get around the show ring. He was first shown by Erin Altieri in the Mounted Wanderer 4-H show series in 2018 and this year he is again a member of Linden’s Equestrian Team, ridden by Celeste Davison.

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