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Prince was purchased for Linden Farm in April 2021. He was nine years old so is now 11. He is an OTTB (Off the Track Thoroughbred) who had an undistinguished racing career. He was purchased when it became apparent that the Riding Academy needed a horse for more advanced riders. He is a big dark bay gelding with a lovely soft way of going, and a smooth rocking chair canter.

His name, “Portugee” is not a misspelling of Portuguese. It is a noun in the singular, while Portuguese is an adjective. Like most off the track horses, he has suffered some wear and tear as a result of his racing career and has osselets. Not ocelots, the small South American cat, but osselets the fibrous and/or bony lumps that form on the front of fetlock joint on many ex-racehorses. Now that he is not racing for a living, these lumps should not hinder his performance and are not painful. However, his owner, Miss Karen, in conjunction with Dr. Murphy from SMEVS has decided to put him on monthly injections of Adequan just to be sure he is pain-free, and the fetlock joints move smoothly and freely.


We expect great things from Prince now he has settled and will be seeing more of him as part of our Equestrian Team.

Bio created in 2023

Portugee Prince

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