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Bullet is an OTTB born in 1994 so yes, he is 30 years old. At this great age, he is still ridden twice a week in slow lessons and carried his young rider to win two second place ribbons in his Pleasure Division. He even gamely trotted four little 12” fences.

He has his lip tattoo showing that he raced as a young boy, registered with the American Jockey Club as “Deux.”  He is that most unusual of horses, he was born a twin. His brother was named “UN,” so Bullet was the second born twin since un and deux are one and two in French!

Before coming to Linden Farm in 2003. he had been whipped over fences as evidenced by the fact he would clear a little 18” fence he could have walked over by five feet! He was named “Bullet,” because he came at all his fences as if he were shot from a gun! It took nearly two years for Miss Karen to convince him with slow and gentle riding that he would not be hurt and that he could relax and enjoy life.  She even took him on vacation with her one year and spent the week riding him up in the mountains over table jumps.  Jumping from one flat surface to another up the side of the mountain.

Ever since then, Bullet has been a steady and quiet lesson horse teaching hundreds of young riders to canter with his beautiful, smooth, easy-to-sit stride. He is no longer asked to canter or jump anything higher than 12” (he can walk over jumps that small) but that helps teach his little riders to two-point and get their timing.

He is a bay with no white markings at all, but he has the kindest eye and one of his students even wrote a song about him!

He is on daily meds to help keep his joints fluid and receives a series of injections (Adequan) twice a year to make sure he is comfortable with his light-weight riders.

He is a horse in a million!

Bio created in 2024

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