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Official Chili Cook-Off Rules for Linden Members Only

  1. Contestants must pre-register in order to enter the contest.   Registration the  day of the contest is not permitted.

  2. A $25 entry fee is required for each chili entered.  Entry fee is payable the day of the contest by cash or check only.

  3. Chili must be cooked from scratch at your home or business before you bring it on site.  You should bring crockpots, spoons, grill tops and all other implements and equipment as you require to heat and serve your chili. Electric outlets available

  4.  Sanitation:  Each cook or team must have hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray for serving surfaces, paper towels and plastic or nitrile gloves for serving. 

  5. Each member of the public who tries the chilis will be a judge, with a vote sheet (1srt, 2nd 3rd) to be handed out when they try the chilis.  The award will be a hard rendered plaque.

  6. Friends of Linden will sell RED spoons to the public to taste the chilis, at which time they will be given their voting slip.

  7. Friends of Linden will provide sample cups for each vendor to give out samples for judging. 

  8. Cooks & teams are encouraged, but not required, to name their chili and decorate their serving area to reflect that name.

  9. This chili cook-off  is for cooks who just want to have fun and be recognized for their superb culinary skills.  Let your hair down, but wear a net or hair cover, wear a costume, just have fun!


  1. You must be respectful to others, no offensive displays, excessive noise.

  2. Family friendly attire is required.

  3. Interfering with other cooks is prohibited.

  4. Firearms, explosives, or pyrotechnics are prohibited.



  1. All chilis should be prepared at home or store kitchen and transported to the site in a vessel appropriate for reheating, a crock pot or utensil you can heat on a grill or heating element.

  2.  “Cooked From Scratch” means complete commercial chili mixes are NOT allowed. No ingredient may be used that contain premeasured spices.  Canned beans and commercial chili powder are permitted,

  3. Please identify your chili by one of the following categories:

    • RED chili is defined as any type of  red meat or  combination of red meats such as beef, venison, duck etc. and cooked with red chili peppers or derived red chili pepper powder, flakes etc. and other spices & vegetables.

    • GREEN/WHITE chili is defined as any type of white meats, pork, chicken, turkey etc., or combination thereof, and cooked with green chili peppers and other spices and vegetables.

    • FREESTYLE chili is defined as any type of meat or combination thereof and cooked with any combination of chili peppers and other spices & vegetables.

    • VEGETARIAN CHILI. Is considered a Freestyle Chili.

  4. Each serving space must be presented & maintained in a sanitary manner.

  5. Each server must wear gloves & a hair cover when handling & serving.

  6. Chili must be covered with a lid when not serving.

  7. Cooks or teams may not give samples to the public or other cooks or team members unless that person has an official spoon and voting slip.

  8.  Cooks and teams may sell their chili to the public at any price they wish, but they will have to provide their own bowls and spoons for such use. Toppings should be kept in  ice chest.

  9. The Award will be presented when all of the voting slips are in, and no later than 2 p.m.

PENALTIES - Failure to comply with any of the rules set forth herein may result in disqualification of a cook or team and forfeiture of all fees paid.

To enter, submit entry form to LINDENFARM2000@GMAIL.COM.


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